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    Vibration dewatering screen for motor

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     TSS dewatering vibrating screen (The TSS type dewatering vibrating screen), also known as dewatering screen, dewatering screen is a sieve for many kinds of frequency dehydration. It is the latest type of desiccant screen, energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon and green, which is in line with the requirements of building sustainable development society. High frequency dehydrating screen
    It is mainly used in the drying process of tailings, and the effect is extremely obvious. It is a landmark equipment for the new generation of tailings. This equipment is a special equipment for coal slurry dewatering operation. The whole series has sixteen specifications, which can be used for coal preparation, mineral processing, power generation, sugar making, salt making and other industrial sectors.
    Dry wet classification, dehydration, desiccation and desliming. The screening machine has large processing capacity and high screening efficiency. It is widely used in the process of coal mud recovery, thick filter septum, coarse filtration, dehydration and recovery of other very fine materials.
    Main features:
    The 1. screen machine is installed horizontally, but the screen is installed with negative angle to ensure the effect of forced dehydration.
    2. screen mesh can be selected for stainless steel composite screen, tensioned installation, or stainless steel welded joint
    3. the frequency of vibration can be adjusted at any time by the frequency converter to achieve the best dehydration effect.
    4. the vibration parameters are higher: the working frequency is 25HZ, and the vibration intensity is 7g.
    5. using the self synchronous liquid lubricated vibrator vibration sieve box using a special noise reduction materials, and reduce the noise, the working plate, pressing type installation, to meet different needs; high strength bolt connection, ensure that the screening machine reliability and noise 85dB (A), compared with similar amplitude about 15dB sieve machine.
    An arc screen surface is set up in the 6. feeding section to improve the dehydration efficiency.
    7. set the feed box to ensure that the material is evenly distributed to the screen.
    8. is equipped with an integral chassis for easy handling and installation.
    9. rely on the filter layer on the screen to intercept the fine grain and the backlog of dehydration. Type selection and order: note the mesh size of sieve structure (preparation, punching and slit). The device can be made according to customer requirements, and the material is mostly stainless steel and carbon steel.
    Tss dehydrated sieve single layer and double layer; the screen has knitting, slit, polyurethane and so on. The general inclination angle is 0 degrees.

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