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    Why are linear vibrating screen manufacturers out of stock

    release time:2019-08-06  viewed:442次
         Linear vibrating screen is one of the most common equipment in screening machinery, which is widely used. Many customers usually do not have the spot when consulting linear vibrating screen manufacturers, which makes customers have doubts about the production capacity of the manufacturers. Why do you not have the spot when you are all professional manufacturers of linear vibrating screen? However, the general processing cycle is very long. Xinxiang Yihe Machinery will tell you why there is no stock. In this way, the vast number of customers will know why there is no way to prepare for the spot.
    Linear vibrating screen manufacturers are usually customized according to customer's requirements during production time. Because linear vibrating screens do not have national standards, they are generally non-standard products. The diversity of their equipment and the requirements of their customers are different, thus they cannot achieve mass production capacity.
         1: direction of discharge port: Generally, linear vibrating screen manufacturers will determine the outlet orientation of linear vibrating screen according to the specific communication of customers, and the discharge of materials to the front row and the discharge of materials to the lower row will be determined according to the requirements, which are also designed to facilitate the production needs of customers. Also, the height of the discharge port from the ground varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, which is based on the customer's receiving method and the manufacturer's requirements.
        2. Screen mesh number: Linear vibrating screen is widely used in ceramics, medicine, food and other factories. The mesh number of the screen is different. If the customers with the same mesh number have different requirements on the material of the screen.
        3. Material of equipment: Many ore screening factories generally use carbon steel, but customers in the food industry need 304 stainless steel equipment. Different industries have different requirements for equipment materials.
        4. Grid structure: Linear vibrating screen has wood net frame, steel net frame and hook plate structure. According to different mesh numbers and materials, the corresponding screen structure is selected differently.
        5: Different models: Linear vibrating screen manufacturers produce equipment according to customer requirements, such as 500mm wide equipment, but the next customer may need a 600mm wide machine. Therefore, mass production of the linear vibrating screen is achieved. There are also some customers who will require the height of the box body. The normal floor has a height of 80mm between floors. Some customers will lower the height of each floor due to the height limitation of the factory building to the total height of the floor lowering machine. 6: Motor installation: There are many ways to install the linear vibrating screen motor, such as bottom mounting, top mounting and side mounting, all of which are carried out according to different specific requirements. Many customers want to increase the total height of the machine. The vibration motor can be installed under the machine, but some customers control the total height of the equipment. The vibration motor will be installed on the side. The above factors make it impossible for the linear vibrating screen manufacturers to stock up and need to carry out on-the-spot production according to customer requirements. In daily life, many customers who have not used the linear vibrating screen require to deliver the product for trial use and pay for it as soon as possible. This is not allowed if the machine is not returned at a discount. It is difficult to sell the linear vibrating screen again after production.

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