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    There are many manufacturers of linear vibrating screens there or there.

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          Many domestic industries are gathered, such as Anping in Hebei and Xinxiang in Henan. Because industrial agglomeration can better serve customers, it is also helpful for the healthy development of enterprises. For example, the labor force is concentrated and the technology is relatively concentrated, which can help customers to provide good equipment. Therefore, the vibrating screen manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Xinxiang, Henan Province, which is located north of the Yellow River in Henan Province. The vibrating screen extends out many products here, including linear vibrating screen, rotary vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen, etc. There are dozens of types and hundreds of types. This can meet the needs of our customers.
    Let's just say that manufacturers of linear vibrating screens can locate dozens of models according to their width. Each model is subdivided into different layers and can be classified according to the grid structure. Detailed products can meet the screening requirements of different materials.
         One. Vibration Motor Equipment at Bottom of Linear Vibrating Screen This is the most commonly used vibration motor equipment for linear vibrating screen. Customers are usually advised to choose safe, reliable and space-saving equipment. If the width of the customer's site is limited, the linear sieve of the site should have a certain width at both ends except for linear vibrating screen equipment. Easy to feed and maintain. If you think the whole equipment is too wide, there will be a problem, that is, you cannot put it down, or you are not willing to put it down, but it is inconvenient to use it in the future. Of course, this problem can also be solved by reducing the total width of the linear vibrating screen frame, but this will reduce the effective screening area of the equipment, resulting in small processing capacity and affecting the screening capacity and production development. Therefore, vibration motor equipment can be selected at the bottom of the equipment to reduce the total width of the linear sieve, thereby ensuring the effective screening area of the equipment, not affecting the processing capacity and screening power of the equipment, and greatly reducing the total width of the linear screen equipment.  2. Vibration motor equipment is installed at both ends of the linear vibrating screen. This equipment method is also the first choice for vibration motor of linear vibrating screen equipment. When the user has a limit on the overall height of the device, it is usually used, but the width of the device is not limited. For example, due to the special needs of some materials, the unloading port of the equipment should not be too high above the ground. In this case, assuming that the vibration motor is still at the bottom of the linear vibrating screen, the overall height of the equipment is not well controlled. The height of the screen box in the linear screen is usually fixed, so the height of the screen box cannot be adjusted, so the vibration motor equipment can be positioned at both ends of the linear sieve instead of the equipment at the bottom of the equipment, which can greatly reduce the overall height of the equipment, meet the needs of users to limit the overall height of the linear screen, and do not affect the working power of the equipment.  Three. Vibrating motor equipment is installed at the top of linear vibrating screen, which is rare in DZSF series linear vibrating screen and seldom selected by users. However, ZSG linear screens usually select this device method. If the user has restrictions on the height and width of the discharge port of the linear screening equipment, the vibration motor cannot meet the requirements of the bottom or both ends of the equipment. In this case, the vibration motor device can be placed in the middle of the top of the device, which will not increase the width of the device or affect the height of the device discharge port. The above three methods of vibrating motor equipment are commonly used in linear vibrating screens. Users can generally select linear vibrating screen according to actual conditions (location, material requirements, etc.).

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