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    Types and Prices of linear sieve

    release time:2019-08-23  viewed:373次
          Commonly used screening equipment linear sieve has an important position. It is popular with users because of its simple structure, easy operation and large output. Different linear sieve can be selected for different materials. Although the structure and operation of linear sieve are relatively easy, there are still many kinds of materials. Once the selected model is determined, it will be easy to put into production and use in the later period, which belongs to once and for all. The types can be distinguished according to the size of the equipment, which is easier to understand. Large models of equipment should be selected for production, while small models should be selected for production. According to the number of layers, this requires customers to know how many items or granularity they need to screen.
            The above two types are mainly for customers to determine when selecting the type. If there is time, it is necessary to select the appropriate equipment according to the particle size, such as light linear sieve or heavy linear sieve. Therefore, straight-line screening is light and heavy. Light equipment mainly screens materials with relatively small particle size and uses finer materials, such as 10 mesh, 5 mesh, 20 mesh and 120 mesh. Heavy-duty linear sieve is used for large-size screening. This kind of material has a common feature: large particle size and large output, basically requiring more than 10 tons or several hundred tons per hour. Large output and large particle size have relatively high requirements on equipment materials and electrical ratio. The price is completely different.

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