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    The quality of直線振動篩廠家質量好 is not good, what's the matter?

    release time:2019-08-25  viewed:455次
          Vibrating screen in mining machinery equipment seems to be a small-sized equipment. Its equipment procurement cost is low and it is nothing in each production line, which affects the whole production performance. In fact, linear vibrating screen is definitely one of the indispensable equipment for each manufacturer, and it directly affects the sales price of sandstone and the quality of sandstone finished products. At present, it has been attached great importance by the users, and many customers have been pursuing high-quality vibrating screens to improve the quality. It is clear that the sand and sand sales price can be increased if the front technology is not as accurate as the rear technology linear vibrating screen. This has been linked to the profits of the manufacturers. It can be seen that the linear vibrating screen is already one of the important equipment related to the quality of sand and gravel.
        Therefore, the problem of sand and gravel production caused by the quality difference of直線振動篩 is also a common problem in the use of linear vibrating screens, which also directly affects the sales price of sand and gravel. How to improve the quality of vibrating screen, how to improve the efficiency of linear vibrating screen, what are the reasons for the poor quality of vibrating screen? How should the problem be solved?
        There are many reasons for the quality difference of the linear vibrating screen, such as mesh blockage, insufficient tension of the screen, excessive moisture content of the screening material, and the motor amplitude not being properly adjusted, etc., which will cause the material not to pass through the screen smoothly.
         1. Screen mesh blockage and screen mesh blockage are common causes of poor quality of vibrating screens. At this time, the combination of vibrating screens should be reduced, the screen surface should be cleaned, and the problem of screen mesh blockage should be solved.
         2. The moisture content of the screening material increases. Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of the screening material has certain requirements. Excessive moisture tends to bind the materials into clusters and is not easy to pass through screening. If the moisture content of the screening material is too large, what if the screening effect is to be achieved? Here you can be taughtto move, change the inclination angle of the screen box and increase the inclination angle to improve the screening quality.
         3. The uneven feeding of the sieving machine will not only lead to the accumulation and crushing of materials in production, but also reduce the production efficiency greatly if too little material is fed. Excessive material will easily lead to poor sieving quality and even cause equipment operation failure in serious cases. Therefore, the feeding of the sieving machine should be adjusted to ensure the uniformity of feeding.
        4. The material layer on the screen surface is too thick to completely screen the material. The screening efficiency is greatly reduced, resulting in poor screening quality. The feed rate of the screening machine should be reduced.
        5. The tension of the screen is not tight and the transmission belt is too loose. The above two situations easily lead to unsatisfactory screening effect, which is not conducive to normal screening operation and further affects the screening quality. In this case, the screen should be strengthened and the transmission belt tightened.
        If the vibrating screen is of poor quality, it needs to be analyzed and solved in time. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer.

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