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    Linear sieve manufacturers tell you what caused the fracture of the discharge port?

    release time:2019-08-31  viewed:521次
     Linear sieve is a machine widely used in screening equipment. The fracture of discharge port usually consists of two factors.
        First of all, the strength of the discharge port is not enough. For example, some manufacturers in linear sieve often use 4mm plates as equipment box materials, and then use 2mm plates to make the discharge port to save costs. This can save a lot of production costs, so the design and production will not have problems for smaller types of equipment. If the linear sieve model is too large or the customer requires the outlet to be too long, it is easy to crack the outlet. Because linear sieve generally belongs to non-standard products. Therefore, the requirements of customers are different. Some customers require the outlet to extend forward, while others require downward discharge. Therefore, please check the mass thickness. If the material thickness is not enough, the fixing treatment at the reinforcement can be increased.
         In addition, some materials injected into linear sieve at one time during the feeding process are too much, and the materials will accumulate in a large amount at the discharge port, which is generally designed to be small for convenient receiving. Excessive weight of accumulated materials causes damage to the discharge port of linear sieve.

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