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    How to Solve Output Problem for Linear Vibrating Screen Manufacturers

    release time:2019-08-31  viewed:391次
     After the production of the linear vibrating screen is completed, it will be sent to the customer. The customer will test the machine or put it into production according to the instructions or the manufacturer's instructions. However, during the production process, it will be found that the output cannot meet the ideal requirements. What should we do if we want to increase the output of the linear vibrating screen? I feel that it is already molding equipment. The linear vibrating screen manufacturer has no choice. In fact, the customer should call the manufacturer of the linear vibrating screen for specific inquiries. In order to increase the output under certain circumstances, other factors must be sacrificed. If only rough screening is used, the manufacturer of the linear vibrating screen with low precision requirement can make the output of the machine develop to the extreme.
       To increase the screening output, it is necessary to sacrifice the screening accuracy. Why? The increase in output means that the residence time of the materials on the screen surface will be reduced and the residence time of the materials will be reduced without sufficient screening conditions, thus the screening accuracy will be greatly reduced. If the customer does not have any requirements on the screening accuracy, this can increase the inclination of the screen surface and increase the production.
        The linear vibrating screen manufacturer will test the machine in the factory after producing the equipment, and adjust the angle of the counterweight at both ends of the vibrating motor appropriately according to the exciting force of the equipment. If the customer feels that the output is too small, the vibration motor angle can be appropriately enlarged to increase the exciting force. This can also effectively increase production. This method can also improve the screening accuracy of certain materials.  
           In order to better improve the output, the width of the equipment should be increased in the equipment selection. The width of the screen surface of the linear vibrating screen is an important factor affecting its output. In fact, the length of the screen surface only controls the screening accuracy of materials. As the saying goes, the wider the output, the higher the screening accuracy.

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