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    The customer should pay attention to the following aspects in selecting screening equipment such as vibrating screen and so on

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     The customer should pay attention to the following aspects when selecting the screening equipment such as vibrating screen and so on.
    1. the physical properties of the sieved material
    It includes the size composition of the material itself, the humidity, the content of mud and the shape of the particles, and the proportion of the particles. When the fine grain content of the material is large, the productivity of the screening machine is also large. When the humidity of the material is large, the screening efficiency will generally be reduced. However, the larger the sieve size, the smaller the moisture. Therefore, in order to improve the screening process, wet screen can generally be used for wet wet materials.
    2. select the screen should pay attention to the material, to select the mesh and screen mesh size.
    For the general material, the productivity and screening efficiency of the screever are determined by the size of the sieve. Productivity depends on the screen width, wide screen high productivity. The ratio of length to width is 2. The greater the sieving area (the ratio of the sieve area to the whole screen area), the higher the unit area productivity and sieving efficiency of the sieve surface. The larger the size of the sieve, the greater the productivity of the unit sieves, the higher the screening efficiency.
    3. the effect of production conditions is low when the load of the vibrating screen is large.
    4. to reach the yield is how much every day, or a month, the company's technical staff is convenient to give you some professional advice, such as the choice of the size of the rotary vibration sieve, sieve mesh or sieve or ultrasonic vibration sieve with linear vibration.
    5., the vibrating screen includes swing sieve, ultrasonic vibration screen, linear vibrating screen and screen equipment. Most of them are woven nets. According to their materials, they can be divided into 201 ordinary stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 304L stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel material. Because of its acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, it is widely used. The screen application of these materials is explained below.
    201 stainless steel is suitable for general material. The screen net of 304 stainless steel is better than the screen mesh of 201 material, and the effect of acid and alkali corrosion to the material is better. The screen mesh of 304L type material is mainly used in the food industry. It is more widely used in the food industry and has the characteristics of high acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.
    The 316 and 316L stainless steel screen is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. It can effectively reduce the pollution of metal materials to drugs, and has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance. So when users choose the vibrating screen, please make sure that they are used in the industry or the material needed to screen, or to specify the screen screen to be selected for the screeving screen. Then how to select a suitable screen according to the characteristics of the material.
    1. the screen standard is determined according to the requirements of the industry.
    2., determine the diameter and diameter of sieve mesh according to the material screened. For example, if your sifting is for impurity removal, you should choose the diameter and diameter of screen mesh according to the type and material characteristics.
    3. screen mesh precisely effective screening area can only represent specific screen, if you require a higher accuracy of screening, we must allow suppliers to provide details of the standard to confirm the size of mesh.
    The calculation formula of 4. mesh or mesh (this formula is according to the law from individual screen, only in the absence of specific data or convenient field use, because the mesh wire diameter may be different, so the calculated data for the survey, only for reference): screen mesh and aperture should be inversely proportional to the calculation, such as aperture known 100 mesh is 0.15mm so for 200 mesh aperture X according to this formula:
    X = 100 x 0.15mm / 200 X = 0.075mm
    Note: the screen is manufactured in standard machinery in particular, no matter how good the screen will appear deviation, especially the screen mesh, please choose carefully communicate with professionals!
    In addition, customers need to know about these aspects
    1. sieves are not the more layers, the better, the less the better, but the characteristics of the material that customers want to screen. For example, the ratio of sieving material can reach 98% when the rotary vibrating screen is on the two floor, but when adding layers again, the screening effect is not so high. It may only be 90%, which will affect the accuracy of screening.
    2. need to know some knowledge of the vibration motor excitation force generated by the rotary vibration sieve, in two or three layers, the vibration motor rotates, the eccentric block drives the sieve vibration force generated to screen body vibration, make the material of three dimension vibration, vibration sieve layer too much then, the exciting force from the lower to the decline, the top material will probably not thorough screening. So generally speaking, it is best not to exceed three layers. You can fill in the following form and send it to our company.

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