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    An overview of vacuum feeder

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     An overview of vacuum feeder
    Equipment Overview:
    Vacuum conveyor is also called vacuum feeding machine, a conveying equipment with clean sealed pipe in vacuum suction to transfer particles and powder materials, the use of vacuum pressure and environmental space, the formation of the pipe flow, driven by the movement of the powdery material, thus conveying powder.
    Vacuum conveying pipeline transporting, this conveyor can eliminate dust pollution, improve the working environment, reduce the environmental pollution of materials colleagues and staff, improving the cleanliness; because of pipeline transportation, small occupied space, the powder can be completed in narrow space transportation, the space between the beautiful; at the same time, vacuum delivery can reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, is the most preferred mode of conveying powder material.
    Comparison of several forms of vacuum conveying system
    Currently used pneumatic conveying enterprises there are three main types: manual handling, transport machinery, pneumatic conveying.
    1. Manual handling
    Manual handling is the most original, the most simple, is currently the most common form of domestic transport materials. Its advantages are simple principle, convenient cleaning, strong visibility and convenient control. The drawback is that the occupant is occupied much, the labor volume is large, the equipment of secondary specialized school is large, the occupied space is large, the efficiency is low, the automation program is low, and the continuity is poor.
    2. Mechanical transport
    Now commonly used are mainly mechanical conveyor belt conveyor and bucket elevator.
    The advantages of belt conveyor is conveying capacity, low requirements on materials; the disadvantage is not closed or not completely closed, occupying a large space, large noise, rotating parts, maintenance complex.
    The advantage of the hoist is that it can be closed to a certain extent, with many words, and the disadvantage is that it can't continuously feed, and can't realize automation. It takes up large space, complex operation and complex maintenance.
    3. Pneumatic conveying
    The advantages of vacuum transport and other forms of transportation have advantages
    Vacuum transport is a kind of pneumatic conveying, compared with other forms of transportation, the advantages of vacuum transportation have the following points:
    - full closed transportation, avoid the dust, but also eliminate the influence of outside of material fundamentally.
    - has the advantages of simple structure, easy disassembly and cleaning.
    The internal - smooth nodead no vestigital, consistent with the requirements of national food and drug industry.
    - fewer moving parts, operation, maintenance, maintenance simple and low cost.
    - a high degree of automation, and downstream equipment is easy to form automatic production process.
    - power diversification, vacuum pump can be used as a power source, can also be produced by the existing air compressor compressed air as power source.
    - beautiful and generous, with strong visual effect, has a good effect on the enhancement of corporate image.
    - production of low noise, small vibration, little influence on the upstream and downstream equipment.

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