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    Factors restricting development of vibration platform industry

    release time:2018-09-12  viewed:843次
     Factors restricting development of vibration platform industry
    1) lack of skilled personnel. The development of innovative vibration platforms requires an exceptional team of skilled personnel, but there are few such research teams in China. The shortage of skilled personnel has severely restricted the development of vibration platform.
    2) collaboration between different categories is more difficult. Nowadays, the original scientific thinking usually appears in the cross-category, and the development of vibration platform equipment needs the cooperation of scientists in different fields. However, in the scientific research system at that time, there was still a fragmentation between different disciplines and academic arrangements, and there was a lack of collaborative top-level planning and teaching.
    3) lack of original thinking. After all, vibration platform equipment is only an instrument, and its source is also the lack of ingenious scientific thinking. The lack of original scientific thinking, of course, is related to the opening time of Chinese scientific skills, as well as the lack of academic pride, the lack of courage to undertake failures, and the lack of accumulation.
    4) The treatment of technicians and research funds are also the main problems. New product development needs a lot of manpower and financial input, while the production of vibration platform enterprises in China are all small and medium-sized enterprises, a large number of capital issues are the total supply of all small and medium-sized enterprises.
    Now, without a fruitful mechanism to deal with this question, China's shaking table operation in a short period of time has always been unable to open further.
    Looking around the domestic shaking table market, more and more businesses are optimistic about this potential unlimited industry. Relative to other test equipment, shaking table test skills on the demand is more stringent, so the domestic market most waiting and trusted products are mostly from foreign companies, domestic companies have always been in the downside.
    The biggest reason for this situation is that it is difficult for China's existing shaking table equipment to have a groundbreaking effect and discover doubts that others have not found. The reason is simple: with off-the-shelf instruments, even if done well and fine, it is difficult to make the shaking table equipment to a new height. So what restricts the development of the shaking table?

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