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    Installation Instructions for Linear Vibrating Screen

    release time:2019-07-22  viewed:634次
     Installation Instructions for Linear Vibrating Screen(直線振動篩)

         The salesperson most hopes that the manufacturer of the直線振動篩 will be technically involved in the selection or use the specific operation of the screening machine to participate in the selection and purchase. This is because the sales staff can explain the operation rules during purchase to avoid problems in the production process, which is also related to the vital interests of the Japanese button manufacturers, because the vibrating screen is very carefully put into production and debugging in the later stage, regardless of its type selection, because the vibrating screen has certain vibration force and destructive power. Many customers often suspect the quality problems of the manufacturers when they find that the products are not used well after receiving them. In fact, at present, everyone is actually doing business, because linear vibrating screens are widely used. During the transportation process, various problems and faults will also occur in the machine. Taking the linear vibrating screen as an example, the following points for attention in the transportation process will be discussed in order to provide a reference island for installation after receiving the goods.
           All vibrating screens have an important component, which refers to: springs, springs play a role in vibration reduction, and the whole machine cannot work normally without springs. Therefore, in order to prevent bumpy and collision in transportation from damaging the linear vibrating screen, the transportation support will be installed on the spring components of the screen during transportation. The transportation support must be removed before linear sieve is put into production and trial operation. If it is not removed, the whole screen will jump after starting up, which is likely to cause harm to people. Users are requested to watch the Chinese pattern in the manual carefully after receiving the screen and remove the support.
    Before installation, the直線振動篩 shall do the following:
         (1) Before installation of new equipment, check whether the site environment meets the requirements after studying the "General Assembly Drawing", "Installation Foundation Drawing" and the installation and operation instructions.
        (2) Do a good job in basic work according to the General Assembly Drawing and Installation Foundation Drawing.
       (3) Select suitable lifting equipment according to the performance and technical parameters of equipment and tools to ensure that the lifting equipment meets the requirements and will not cause damage to the machine.
       (4) Clear the obstacles in the area to ensure that there are no obstacles in the lifting and handling lines of the equipment, leaving enough space for construction personnel to work, observe and walk.
       (5) to do a good job in the installation of linear sieve protection work.
        Check straight before installation of linear vibrating screen in home decoration. Many customers directly put into use after receiving a new machine, feeling that there is no need to check the parts. This is wrong, for example, the shaft of the new product is rusted and the machine is damaged during storage in the warehouse. Many machines will also cause more or less damage during transportation and handling. If such problems occur, it is necessary to replace the parts. Some parts will be injected with lubricating oil before they leave the factory for rust prevention, and the lubricating oil should be replaced before they are officially put into production.
           直線振動篩 net frame is divided into wood and steel. Wood net frame is easy to replace the screen, but it is also easy to damage. Due to the large output of linear sieve, the consumption of screen and bouncing ball is relatively large. Linear vibrating screen has two vibrating motors, which can generate large exciting force. The included angle of eccentric blocks should be adjusted in advance. Pay attention to motor lubrication. Motors need to be of the same model and must not be replaced at will. Otherwise, discharge will not be possible, or materials will move abnormally, which will damage the screening machine in serious cases.

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