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    Troubleshooting Methods for Large 直線振動篩

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     Troubleshooting Methods for Large直線振動篩
         直線振動篩 screens are widely used in stone factories and coal and stone factories. due to their large processing capacity per unit time, harsh working environment and large volume, various minor problems and faults are prone to occur in objects, which affect normal operation. therefore, it is very important to find the faults of large linear vibrating screens in time and deal with the problems in time for the integrity and smoothness of the working line. Xinxiang yihe mechanical equipment co., ltd. takes everyone to the above-mentioned problem solving steps.
            Inspection method: The signal processing method is mainly used to detect vibration signals during the operation of large linear vibrating screen.  If the vibration signal during operation is different from the normal vibration signal(直線篩), it indicates that there is a problem with the large linear vibrating screen at this time.  At the same time, by analyzing the characteristics of these different vibration signals, we can clearly identify which fault it is.
         The screening process comprises the following steps: firstly, calibrating and transforming the collected vibration signals of a large linear vibrating screen, eliminating polynomial trend items,Calibration transformation: the specific operation for evaluating the average vibration energy is to convert the signal data measured by the acceleration sensor, that is, the voltage value, into an additive value.
           Elimination of polynomial trend term: during the acquisition of vibration signal, the amplifier will produce zero drift with the change of temperature, and the low frequency performance outside the frequency range of the sensor will be unstable and unstable)(直線振動篩).

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