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    Price Difference between Linear Vibrating Screen and Probability Screen

    release time:2019-07-25  viewed:607次
     At present, refractory materials are often screened by linear vibrating screens. There are still relatively many customers for classification, but some customers also choose probability screens. These types of machines are all rectangular machines. Xinxiang Yihe Machinery-explained in detail with questions and analyzed the advantages of each device. For customers who will choose to purchase these two devices, it is convenient to know the advantages and price. Price is very important and must be related to direct interests.
    The mesh size of the screen for screening refractory materials is generally 12 mm, 10 mm, 6 mm, 2 mm. In this case, such a large mesh linear vibrating screen and probability screen can meet the requirements of customers.
          1. In this case, probability sieve is more expensive than linear vibrating sieve of the same type due to the thickness and height of sieve plate. In this respect, the price of a probability screen for equipment of the same size is half that of a normal linear vibrating screen.
        2. Technically, the probability sieve combines the advanced technology of foreign countries and optimizes the technical parameters and technology of the equipment. The overall height of the equipment is relatively high. There is no necessary connection between each layer of sieve. Which layer of sieve is damaged and which layer is replaced. Only the corresponding net rack needs to be pulled out for replacement during replacement, which is convenient to operate and saves time and labor. In terms of technological innovation, the price of probability screen will exceed that of linear vibrating screen equipment.
         3. Based on the above two characteristics, we know that the price of the probability sieve is almost twice that of the linear sieve of the same model, and the number of layers of the probability sieve generally needs to be greater than 4. If the number of layers to be screened is only 2 or 1, the linear vibrating screen will have higher cost performance.

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