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    What determines the quality of linear vibrating screen

    release time:2019-07-26  viewed:435次
     At the end of the two sessions, the problem of fake and inferior products appeared in e-commerce. In response to this problem, the vibrating screen manufacturer consulted Ma Gong, chief technical engineer of our manufacturer: How can the customer confirm that the products he purchased are of high quality? Ma takes the linear vibrating screen as an example to illustrate how to determine the quality and quality of the linear vibrating screen.
    Linear vibrating screen uses two synchronous, multi-phase horizontal vibrating motors as vibration exciters to make materials rebound on the screen and make jumping linear motion. Linear vibrating screen is also an excellent screening equipment sold by my large vibrating screen manufacturer. How can its quality be seen from the following aspects:
       1. Thickness of steel plates: Some unscrupulous businessmen often like to fight price wars, but behind their price wars are all aspects of reducing production costs. The most direct manifestation is the reduction of the thickness of steel plates. For example, the thickness of the vibrating body itself should be 10mm, but their thickness is 8mm or even 6mm.
       2. Number of springs: For the ground wire vibrating screen with small gender, one angle of the spring is sufficient to support the vibration of the screen surface at the four corners of the linear vibrating screen. However, when the body of the linear vibrating screen is large, such as 1560, each corner of this large linear vibrating screen must be supported by two springs and eight springs to support the vibration of the entire screen surface.
       3. There are some details: if it is necessary to bend and form the whole body, powder leakage and leakage can be prevented; The spring is of high rigidity and elasticity. Polishing gloss and brightness should be perfect. The so-called "details determine success or failure."

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