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    Introduction of Linear Vibration Screening of what Grid Structures and Parent-Child Grid Structures

    release time:2019-07-26  viewed:774次
     Introduction of Linear Vibration Screening of what Grid Structures and Parent-Child Grid Structures
        The linear vibrating screen is a screening machine with many layers and high output. The screening effect of 0.085-12mm materials is especially good. Therefore, the linear vibrating screen is a star among many vibrating screening machines and has relatively good sales volume. How much do you know about linear vibrating screens? It is the installation mode of net rack structure and screen mesh.
        First of all, we will learn the classification of linear vibrating screen grids. Generally, the commonly used grids include wooden grids (wooden grids,) and steel grids (i.e. Q235 carbon steel, USU304). What kind of grid is used to facilitate the production process, and Xinxiang Yihe Machinery recommends wooden grids and
        Advantages and disadvantages of steel mesh.
        1) Wooden net rack: This kind of net rack is especially suitable for the line without special requirements, and the wooden net rack will not pollute materials. Its advantages are convenient net change, easy operation and most application in linear vibrating screen.
      2) Steel net rack: The structure and operation of steel net rack are the same as those of wooden net rack, but the fixing method of screen mesh is different. Steel net rack uses screws and rivets, so it is difficult to change screen mesh, but this problem of wooden net rack, such as slag falling from wooden net rack, is avoided. However, the general linear vibrating screen steel grid structure is widely used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and its production environment requires high requirements, so it is necessary to replace the wooden grid structure with steel structure. Generally speaking: steel net frame is more durable than wooden net frame, but steel net frame is difficult to replace and has high purchase cost. Therefore, it is not without special requirements that materials in the industry should choose wooden net frame as much as possible, so as not to bring troubles to future production.
        The name of the parent-child net means the upper and lower screens, the upper screen is the required number of screens, and the lower screen acts as a framework. The lower screen is mainly afraid of the impact of too much material or heavy materials on the surface screen, which plays a certain role in protecting the upper screen. In general, the upper layer needs to be screened, and the screen mesh is relatively fine. Therefore, it is necessary to select a thicker net for the lower net support. When does it need to adopt the sub-parent network structure?
        1: The diameter of the screen is relatively small for materials, and the 60-mesh screen is used.      2. Large amount of materials per unit time.
       3. The material itself has a heavy proportion, or the feeding is high.

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