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    The Difference between Adjustment before Operation and Adjustment of Vibration Force of Linear Vibrating Screen

    release time:2018-02-27  viewed:407次
     First explain pre-run debugging 
       The adjustment of the直線振動篩 before operation is the preparation work before the test machine is put into production. There are many notes in debugging the直線振動篩. The following are for learning and reference only.

    1. No special requirements for the直線振動篩HZ. The power supply connection is determined to be the correct connection mode. Because the two motors of the linear vibrating screen run synchronously in opposite directions, the connection is very important. If the power supply is incorrect, the materials are easy to run at the same time.
    2. Legs shall be screwed with ground angle screws to ensure the stability of the base during machine operation. The front and rear support points shall be on a horizontal plane, so the ground shall be flat.  It should be noted here that because the new machine is being tested, there are transportation supports at the legs and springs that need to be unloaded.
    3. Pay attention to check the installation of screen mesh, ensure that the screen mesh is smooth, and ensure that the screen mesh is correctly installed on the screen frame, so as to prevent the phenomenon of material stringing. If the stringing fails to reach the screening purpose.
    4. Check the fastening of screws. The linear vibrating screen will have loose screw ratio during transportation. All bolts must be checked and tightened without any looseness. If looseness occurs, it is likely to damage the machine.
    5. During the installation of the machine, make sure that there are no obstacles around the machine. The clearance between the linear vibrating screen and the obstacles is 20mm-60mm or more, because the amplitude of machine shutdown or startup will be large.
    6. After starting the machine, watch the operation of the materials and listen to the sound room of the machine.
          The above is pre-operation debugging, which is to ensure that the machine is not damaged and does not endanger the safety of personnel during normal production.  When the screen material of the linear vibrating screen is not clean and the vibration force is too large or too small, the vibration motor needs to be adjusted to achieve the ideal amplitude. The ideal vibration amplitude is also the guarantee for ensuring the screening yield, screening accuracy and screening efficiency in the production process.  It is hoped that production technicians can be familiar with the vibration motor adjustment method.  //;
    Linear vibrating screen is an efficient screening machine with high output, high precision and high performance.  It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, sandstone, chemical industry, medicine, food and other industries. The amplitude of linear vibrating screen affects its productivity. The production efficiency is proportional to the amplitude range, and the amplitude is mainly controlled by the excitation force. Therefore, the production efficiency, amplitude and excitation force are of the same relationship.  The amplitude of excitation force increase is also increased, which leads to the increase of production efficiency, and the negative impact on production decreases rapidly due to exhaustion.  The increase of the exciting force will increase the vibration intensity, the acting force of the sieve on the material will increase, the throwing height of the material will increase, the advancing speed will increase, and the production efficiency will be high.  The function of the vibration motor is mainly manifested in the exciting force. The vibration motor uses the centrifugal force generated by the eccentric block to change the eccentric distance, so that the amplitude can be increased to adjust the exciting force, and the ideal screening effect can be achieved by adjusting the magnitude of the exciting force.  Prompt ☞: The exciting force cannot be too large. Excessive exciting force will destroy the structure of the linear vibrating screen and cause fracture.  Therefore, the adjustment should ask the manufacturer.

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