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    How to Choose 直線振動篩 and Influence of Uneven Feeding

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       When purchasing a直線振動篩, we should test the requirements of the production environment and technology, the external dimensions of the equipment, the internal structure of the equipment, the requirements of the processing capacity, the arrangement of the discharge ports of the equipment and other relevant factors. We should also test the material requirements of the linear vibrating screen, and whether the materials have high temperature and corrosion resistance.
    Production Capacity: This production mainly meets the requirements of processing capacity. It should not be excessive, but it should not be too small. If the machine is too small, it will increase the load of linear sieve. If the machine is too large, it will waste time and energy. Energy
    直線振動動篩conservation can reduce the production cost of enterprises and save the expenses of enterprises.
       Service life: First choose and buy the plate type of linear vibrating screen, USU304L or Q235, determine the material requirements of the equipment, and then communicate the key issues such as the plate thickness of the box body, motor plate and force transmission plate, and then carry out the bearing problem, which is the most basic use guarantee.
        Appearance requirements: determine the size of your own production space, and if you feed or take out the linear sieve to discharge the material in the linear vibrating screen, and if you feed or take out the linear sieve to discharge the material, why should this be determined, because it is related to the height requirements of the linear vibrating screen and the distance from the ground with the discharge port. Avoid secondary reconstruction after receiving the goods.
         Internal structure: The internal structure is very critical, and the appearance requirements meet the requirements. The plate can ensure the normal operation of the machine. The imperfect internal structure belongs to empty shell machines. It is necessary to determine the mesh number of the screen and the material of the net rack, because there are many kinds of net racks, which should be selected according to the materials. In this respect, the opinions of linear vibrating screen manufacturers can be obtained.
       After the直線振動篩is selected and put into production, the machine must be fed evenly. uneven feeding will cause many problems. Xinxiang yihe mechanical equipment co., ltd. will take a big analysis:
         2. The output is too high or not clear: If too many materials are put into the linear vibrating screen at one time, thus causing screening load, many materials will be difficult to screen, and the screen will be directly discharged from the discharge port, resulting in unclean screen and greatly reducing bottom production capacity.
    3。 Burning motor: When the material suddenly increases, the vibration motor suddenly reduces the distance between the vertical jump and the vertical jump of the linear vibrating screen, thus the motor can deal with the state of no vibration in a short time. It is easy to burn the vibrating motor.

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