• Individual-centered, affirmative, sex-positive, and confidential approach with respect for and acceptance of every individual's unique personal preferences, belief systems, life-style, world-view, values, and goals.  One thing every patient should feel confident about when meeting with Dr. Duzyurek is that they will not be treated judgmentally about any issue brought to him, and that his therapeutic input will be tailored to their unique circumstances and characteristics.

  • Transparent style in therapeutic suggestions or recommendations, drawn from science-based and experience-informed treatment alternatives.

  • Emphasis on staying up-to-date with advances through independent and scientifically critical reading of the literature, academic participation at the George Washington University (GWU) Medical Center, and actively attending local, national, and international professional meetings.

  • Orientation toward Translational Medicine, which represents a deliberate and thoughtful transformation and integration of basic scientific findings and insights into new ways to understand and treat illnesses in a way that facilitates the utilization of new scientific insights in patient care without an undue delay.

  • Integration between biomedical and behavioral / psychological aspects of assessment and treatment.   Dr. Duzyurek offers the totality of his clinical background toward an integrated assessment and care, applying different aspects of his professional formation tailored to problems, tasks, or issues at hand, starting with first being a general physician, and then engaging his expertise and experience in the fields of sexual medicine, behavioral medicine / psychiatry, advanced clinical psychopharmacology and sexual pharmacology, and individual and group psychotherapies, including individual behavior-based therapy with men experiencing sexual performance issues.


District of Columbia SEXUAL MEDICINE Practice
For Male Sexual Function Health